Mirror of You 💞

#randomthoughts 💞

Did you ever felt that someone was just using you? What did you do? Did you confront that person and tell something prankly ? Or did you stay silent and disregard what you’d feel ? Been worst or been better ? The thing is, we can’t control people’s mind or even read minds , perhaps your an alien or a super hero that came down and save us from danger but that will not gonna happen, ever and never. Wake up! This world isn’t a cliche book stories and fantacies doesn’t exist at all. We’ve been living in a modernize world and there’s a lot of people wearing different kind of mask. Secrets? I guess you’ve shared your secrets already to your closest and trusted ones but I guess also , you don’t trust them that much because you still have secret/s that you,yourself and God knows what it is. Well congratulations! You’ve define the essence of the word “secret”. Anyway , back to what I’m sayin’ at the start. This isn’t about lovers because romantic relationships doesn’t concern me but its all about FRIENDSHIP that means to all. What? Your pride got deeply stepped already! Your dignity got push to the cliff already? Where’s your worth? Did they or did you buried it already until it turns to ashes? I think your mind got in a prison and your life was like a shredded coffee that has been dropped on the sand,WASTED. Dear its better to be alone than to be in that position. Having friends is awesome but choose the right person , kick from your life those users. I will prefer being a real dog than to be a human pet. Learn to fight like “Hey!You are too much. Im not your maid ” but learn also to count like a time bomb but how long will it take your count down? so I prefer you, to count like a dynamite .Just kidding. This isn’t my decision anymore. Don’t act like a stupid one because you’re grown up already to know your worth so better build your confidence up and show they’d messed up with the wrong person. The decision is all yours my friend.

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Incredible Fruit 🎉😘

I have been doing my narrative report and yet distractions come in my way. I have been thinking a lot of things in my mind so I can’t focus that much. Being a student is very stressing especially with us,girls when our period interrupt. So if you will asked me , what kind of student am I ? Well, I’m just a kind of student who follow the rules and sometimes coming to school late. I am also a kind of student that sometimes procrastinate works and things that must to be done but with a goal of not having a failure grade or below line of eight grades. I guess all of my struggles as a senior high student are worth it at the end because in just a little bit more step, I can now reach the finish line of my highschool life and move to the next level of being a student. I just learned that in times like this, we must not wait and ask for a change, we must make our own move and make change by ourselves. We just have to believe we can, focus on our goals, plan with the Lord and love what you do to reach the fruit of you own success. 🎉

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Keep Going 🚲

I have been inspired building a pyramid by the playing cards after I had watched one of the Korean dramas, entitled “I Am Not a Robot”. Creating this pyramid takes a very long patience and time but I never stop building it again when it falls because I am determined to do it. So as you can see, I had successfully build it and make it the way I wanted to be. Just like in our journey, we fall and sometimes we are about to quit. But friend, I am telling you that if you quit then you’re out, but if you continue, then it is either you lose and go back from the start or to win and conquer all the things you wanted to be. So you better build your hopes even there comes another thing to break it down. Be fearless but think before you act.

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Greatest Art 🎶🎶

Right now I’m listening to Paramore’s album “After Laughter” while I am writing this entry. I really love music that much but music is not my life like how others say, because my life is food, shelter and family. Anyway back to music, every time I listen to music, it makes me mesmerize about the things in the past, makes me dance and sing along with it, makes me work faster, makes my stresses go away, makes my mind refresh and just deal with positivity and most of all it inspired me for so many reasons. I know that, many people are also a music lover, even though some of them did not given a cooperative voice to go with the beat and harmony of the songs they liked and thank God, I’m not one of them. So guys, live with harmony, go with the beat , move like a rhythm and bring melody to your life to have a better future and a peace life.

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Chapter… ???

Last day is my last day of work immersion but actually I had been completed my hours last Thursday. I just gone to work yesterday to say thank you and to give a little thanksgiving to all the employees in the section I belonged too for being a guide and for being a mentor on how office works. They had given me a lot of work but the most important thing is they treated me very nice and very cool. I just observe that Monday to Wednesday is a very busy days and because of that, they are very serious and busy to all the paper works that must be done but despite of that , they still work with coolness and with harmony. I had learned a lot of things and experience different/new things by just that 160 hours of work experience. I had met new friends and new people to keep in my mind. I guess, another chapter in my life is has been accomplished and now I am moving to another chapter.

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Hated Act 😒

Thinking about the word “LIES”. Why do some people need to make a lie? Why do they keep on lying to anybody and somebody who really cares for them? For me, some people just lie for their own wants and nothings else but greed. Also, some people lie for their own sake to protect their selves and to have a good come out of it. So, is lying to someone to protect yourself was still wrong even it worth the lie? If we lied to someone then you are also lying to yourself and that enters your conscience. I am not telling that i had never lied, everybody commits mistake and that is a part of our freedom. We all know that lies can hurt feelings, can ruin a life and can destroy relationships in just a blink so we must take our act seriously but in most creative way. Be mindful that lying is a sin and a little lie is still a lie and no one can change it.

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Half broke,Still 💙

Just this night, I had been confirmed that friends will fail as how feelings fail in a way that you didn’t expected. I thought they will keep their “YES” word but then I just wait for nothing. I guess they are too busy with their own businesses but that is not an acceptable reason. They should have informed me that they will not gonna make it, so that I’m not wasting my time waiting for my little favor to come true. As far as I remember , this is my second time making a favor and when they have favors , I help them even I’m very busy with my studies. Well, I’m not angry ,just disappointed. But also, thanks for that only person who keep his “YES” word and I’m so grateful about that. YES! That is right. Just think all the positive thoughts, give chance to a person who deserve a chance and just love everything/anyone that makes you smile .

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